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Here are some musings about this COM site (in no particular order). They're quite good! Thanks! And no, we never paid these guys a single cent <g>!

"...Thanks once again for unraveling the mystery behind COM programming! You are certainly a God-send to Delphi/COM developers!..."

-Christopher Sansone
"...I enjoyed your article about simple COM concepts immensely. As a Delphi OO type person, and having now understood many concepts about OO out of necessity, and as a natural progression in programming, the arcane nature of COM and all the geek speak one reads tends to be bewildering (oh no, not another level of abstraction to learn about!!).

Happily, the way you explained it made sense to me, within my already  established concepts of OO within a Delphi/C++ environment. 

When one can imagine the need to have something such as the IUnknown interface as you led to it, then it makes perfect sense. 

When it makes logical sense that you would actually need something such as IUnknown, then it is remember-able and useable.

Thank you..."

-Steve Curtis

"...I just wanted to send you a quick email saying thank you and letting you know that I believe your COM articles are of the best available. I have read numerous COM books, and while some such as Inside COM get into the nitty gritty, your articles are not only Delphi-oriented (which is fantastic) but target a number of critical issues which fall outside of the scope of some books, either because the books simply are driven by the COM specification only (bad idea!) or because they don't highlight real-world issues.

In any case, excellent work. I refer Delphi developers exclusively to your articles when I'm presented with entry-level (and even some advanced) COM questions.

Thanks again..."

-Jason Plackey
"...Was lead to your COM pages from a Delphi newsgroup. GREAT job, I've been trying to learn about COM for at least a year <g>. As with some great teachers, you spoke in a language that I could understand. Thank you..."

-Ron Keemper
"...I found your COM papers on the net, and I'm pretty impressed with their language clarity and technical content..."

-Pawel Glowacki
"...I've been struggling with trying to understand COM for over a year now. I stumbled on your website, spent the weekend reading the material and studying the code and feel much better about COM now. I've even got a couple of my own servers running now. Thanks for the effort you've put into making COM more understandable..." 

-Scott Kellish
"...I've read all of your web pages about COM and it was great for me. I was trying to study Inside OLE (2nd Ed.) but I did miss a road map about COM and why all that complexity. Reading your COM notes, the picture suddenly became clear..."

-Miguel Angel Gonzalez Muñoz
"...I wanted to thank you for all the work you have done in documenting COM. I found your COM pages well done and most of all accurate. I have given the site as a reference to all those that don't believe in COM. Thanks for all the hard work..."

-Darrell R. Thurmond
"...I downloaded your COM pages. Absolutely brilliant. You sure have done your homework. They were a great help to me in understanding the concepts..."

-Carsten Bonde
"...Thank you very much for providing the COM information on your website. I have been struggling for the last couple of days trying to make C++ Builder work properly [with COM]. I thought I understood COM, but I could not get Builder to work! You have saved me a great deal of further frustration..."

-Edward Dickson
"...Just wanted to let you know that your DCOM tutorial: Implementing a Multi-User DCOM Application was very useful! Great job! Well written, concise, and lots of practical information..."

-Yaniv Golan
"...Thanks very much for your answer to questions submitted by our community of developers. Thanks also to a very informative and VERY well-presented website. You have communicated your ideas very clearly and concisely, and I find that most refreshing..."

-Willis Clayton
"...I think you've done a fantastic job, and this site will become a valuable resource for many Delphi programmers. Although there is a lot of literature on COM & MTS, its all C++ oriented, and so for the Delphi programmer, your site is a welcome relief..."

-Sean B. Durkin
"...Thank you very much for providing the community with these great utilities and samples. Your EventSinkImp utility can also save experienced COM developers a lot of time - it is outstanding..."

-Kenneth Ellested
"...Just a quick note to thank you for the COM tutorials. They have proved very enlightening, particularly the stuff about events..."

-Ken Needham
"...You don't know how excited I was to find your COM notes! I'm new to COM and I've been trying to debug my COM problems... You did a wonderful job putting the concepts into plain English!..."

-Margo Thompson
"...Your articles about COM are really great. I am reading them with great pleasure. This is exactly the thing every novice COM developer needs..."

-Eugene Goldberg
"...Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! I've been to a COM 5 day course and a DCOM 5 day course. I've read Essential COM, and everything I could find in Delphi's help files about COM - And still never quite figured out how these connection points work. Your tutorial is the best. Keep making them!!!..."

-Assaf Lavie
"...I just want to give you some credit for your work on COM. I have a little company that makes health care systems, and your docs/guides are GREAT. For the first time I can really say that I am beginning to understand COM..."

-Brian Hansen

"...At last someone who shows how simple COM can be. I enjoyed the information presented on your site since it was advised to me in a newsgroup some months ago..."

-Paulo Gaspar

"...I read your article just now and liked it very much! You have excellent style and explain things well. I'm sure many others will appreciate your work too..."

-Grant Walker

"...It is very good gesture on your part to share what you have learned. Your tutorials on COM are great..."

-Nilesh Malpekar
"...I just wanted to tell you how utterly pleased I was to find your excellent, highly informative website. The information on your website is going to clear up many questions that I have (once fully digested) and speed me on the road to COMpetency..."

-Edward Garson
"...I've been following a lot of your writings in Delphi Informant, your page and newsgroups etc. I must say I'm glad there are people like you out there giving COM beginners a leg-up..."

-Sean Howell
"...I contribute a lot to the Delphi community, but I'm happy to find info which is of use to ME !..."

-Neal Smit
"...I have read all your Delphi articles. They helped me a lot to understand COM, ThreadModel etc. I have a hard time to read through all those ActiveX, COM books out there. But you explain these complicated issues from programmer's perspective in a very simple language. Your articles are really life savers. Keep up the good work!..."

-Jie Tu
"...I just wanted to thank you for a very well done paper on Automation in Delphi. It helped in many ways to finally understand HOW Delphi implements OLE and COM. I have read and thought I understood "Inside COM", but your example drove home everything I read, thank you again!..."

-John Matthew
"...I just wanted to thank you for the information on your web site. I've looked a lot of different places for information on threading COM servers in Delphi. Your description of it is quite good. And I really like that all of the source is out there..."

-Joe Wirtley
"...I just had to take a moment to tell you what an excellent white paper you wrote! I read many books on COM and threading, but your few pages presented the material better than any of them..."

-Michael Mancini
"...Your site is great! It is nice to see a site that is willing to address
real world topics and that takes the time to explain things..."

-Justin Ogilby
"...I just wanted to say "thank you" for that great tool: EventSinkImp. It took me a while that using events with Delphi 4 is NOT only to mark the checkbox while using the COM-Expert :-) Now you brought back the ease of use with your tool - done a good job..."

-Bernd Klaiber
"...Just wanted to give you some thanks and praise for your excellent programming articles. They've really helped me out..."

-Stephen Barsky
"..Thanks again for producing such a great (and much needed) tool [EventSinkImp] for the Delphi world!..."

-Robert Nees
"..Today, two things happened. I read your article about multithreading in COM (great!) , and I found out that you probably serve the newsgroup because you really LOVE to do it. I was so impressed..."

-Sigi Stephan
"...What an excellent utility [EventSinkImp], is has saved my life !..."

-Adrian Youlden
"...Thanks for your article on Delphi Informant and for your web site. I found some extremely useful and well done documentation about the less discussed topic: DCOM for Delphi and callbacks. You really did magnificent work..."

-Alessandro Federici
"...Thanks for your EventSinkImp utility. Awesome work! I never in a MILLION YEARS would have figured out how to implement event handlers otherwise..."

-Jonathan Matthies
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